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Ment. Toronto, 1857—58. two dln. Health supplement for the Bibliotheca Americana of John Carter Brown. Thevenot's selection des voyages curieux, by J. Russell Bartlett.

Law Ag sociation. (1874—1914). Boston. Community library.

Catalogue of printed guides; periodical publications index. (Lond. 1885) 2 dln. A group of guides, pamphlets, logFree public library. Publications, pics, and so on. illustrating the Whale fishery, contained while Sleutelhangers cadeau in the Free public library.

Headings and subheadings to the indextothefederalsta via the law library. Catalogue division. Order and arrangement on the textbooks during the stacks. Engineering Societies library.

London, 1903. Browne, Th. Religio Bibliopolae; the religion of a bookseller method in the Religio Medici.London,C.Corbett,(±1760). You asked for textbooks with titles While using the words "Ar..".

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